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$200 / month 

  • Personal Program Design based on movement assessment/goals 

  • Nutrition Coaching

    • ​See Coaching tab​​

  • Accountability check-ins scheduled as needed, weekly, biweekly, 1x a month.

  • Exercise performance feedback via video

  • Exercise progression tracking

  • Daily Access to me for support/questions


Starting at $400/ month 

  • One on one training sessions at a private gym

  • Personal Program Design based on movement assessment/goals

  • Nutrition Coaching​

    • See Coaching tab​​

  • Programed week homework and focus points for when not together​

  • Biometric tracking (weight, body fat, body measurements)

  • Exercise progression tracking

  • Daily access to me for support/questions


$99/ month

  • Nutrition Education on best practices for sustainable health

  • Habit based practice for long term results

  • Macro and Caloric Suggestions based on goals

  • Nutrition Tracking (as needed)

  • Accountability/Education sessions biweekly

  • Progression based 4x a week Full body strength workout program for you to follow


- Complementary 30 Min Consult about current roadblocks and goals

- Done over google meet

- Send workout videos or Training program ahead of time for more feedback

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Do you exercise with purpose, and with a goal in mind? 

Do you have pain while you move, so you just skip exercise?

Do you struggle with things like nutrition, sleep, or stress?

Is it holding you back from living the life you'd like?  

Pure Intent Fitness focuses on building you up from wherever your starting point may be.

Getting you healthy.

Helping you move how you want.

Setting up goals to achieve and reaching them.

Allowing you to enjoy your life to your fullest.

Becoming the best version of you!


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At 57, I was overweight and starting to fall frequently. I felt tired, weak, and frail. My doctor was warning me about diabetes. I accepted Cody’s offer of a free consultation, and asked him to help me get stronger. I was afraid of hurting myself and feeling awkward, but Cody was fun to work with from the start. 
As I continued to train with him, Cody helped me gain confidence as well as physical strength and coordination. My energy level soared and I immediately started losing weight, resulting in a dramatic 50-lb. loss in six months. 
I’ve been Cody’s client for three years now. I always feel safe working out with him, and at the same time I know that Cody will challenge me to work hard



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